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24. April 2024

First of all, congratulations on your promotion and winning the championship in the Oberliga. How do you feel now that it’s clear that you’ve achieved your goal?

Thank you! It feels like a weight is lifted off everyone’s shoulders a bit because the goal is accomplished. lt would have been disappointing to not reach this point, so it feels great.

You joined us relatively spontaneously last year, so you didn’t have much time to think about it. Was it worth it in your eyes? Are you satisfied with your performance and how it went? lt started off a bit difficult in the first few weeks with your hospitalization, but then it  quickly settled down and you developed into a top performer with an average of 25 points per game. Is this what you had in mind?

In my eyes, it was worth it. I’ve learned a lot about people, life, and basketball in this year. Without this opportunity, it would not have been possible. I am satisfied with  my performance this year. Of course, I think of all the things I could have done better, but it will always be that way. I expected tobe a little off going into the season, but the hospitalization was a surprise. I  knew once I overcame everything, I  could give the club what they expected from me. I am glad it was all able to work, and the club kept confidence that my health and fitness would improve early on.

Your brother Keith plays in Salzkotten Regionalliga 1, how important was it for you that he was close by and could support you in your first year outside the USA? Did you think about harne a lot? And did you feel comfortable with us?

I’m a pretty independent person, so at first I didn’t expect me to lean on my brother as much as I did, but it helped a lot. My brother and I have always been best friends, and this was great to experience with him. He also guided me with things to expect in this process, and it was really helpful.  I had times that were difficult being away from home and the lifestyle I was used to, but I understand it as a growing pain.

I felt comfortable with the club. Basti gave me a lot of information about the club and the area over the summer. Dennis did everything he could when I arrived to give me a warm welcome and settle me in.

You are known for your high shooting percentage from beyond the 3-point line. Even if the time during Corona has damaged your basketball career, you got back on track quite quickly! Are you glad that you took the plunge and came to Gerthe?

I am glad I came to Gerthe! It sparked the love that I have for basketball again, and I could achieve a lifelong dream of playing international basketball. It is unfortunate that Covid delayed the process, but what is to be will be. I have learned about taking risks and following your dreams in this process as well, which is a great life lesson. 

For Tv Gerthe, you are the first import  player ever and our Road 2025 with  the professionalization of the club is also a big step for us. What do you think of the Road to 2025 project and the professionalization of Tv Gerthe? You have often helped out with our children, young people and at camps. How much do you find working with children inspiring and what do you think of our ambitions?

I like Gerthe’s commitment to the Road to 2025 project. lt provides a great opportunity for prospective players, youth players, and the fans. Working with children is always a great time. They have so many ideas and are full of potential. Combining that with basketball makes it very fun. I like the ambition the club has to continue to grow in all areas.

So, last but not least, our members and fans are of course very interested in how you see your future. Youre going to fly back home straight after the season and work for a while, as you’re a qualified financier and previously had a good job. Of course, we at Tv Gerthe really want to see you back in our jersey next season. Can you give us some hope?

The fans, club, and team make this a hard decision for me. I will have to look at my personal Situation over the summer and decide what is best in the long term. There is hope that I return to Gerthe, as it possible. lt could be the best thing for me, but I will have to see. If this works out, I would be thrilled! The fans were great this season, and they really make everything worth it in the end.

Thanks Karson, we, the whole Gerther family, wish you all the best. Take care of yourself and with luck well see you back in the hall in September! We would be delighted!

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